I Can't Believe It's Vegan: 10 Things We Didn't Know Are Vegan!

Written By Taryn Rasgon - July 11 2019


December 16 2019

Pop tarts are not vegan as they contain gelatin which come from animals bones (yuck!) & unsustainable palm oil. Oreos aren’t vegan because they contain unsustainable palm oil. This palm oil is 1. Killing our rain forests & 2. Killing the orangutans who call palm oil ranges home. (Not to mention that many are enslaved & used as “sex workers.”)

Being vegan does not simply mean not eating animals or their bi-products. It means not exploiting or causing harm to sentient beings in all ways within our control. It is definitely within our control to not eat foods containing palm oil and gelatin.

The rest of your list is great! Thank you. 👍🏼

Kayla M Kueneman
July 12 2019

What a shame… all the nasty gmo, owned by the man, transfat,unhealthy food. I went vegan and didn’t once look for food like this. Lost an extra 20 lbs by eating no processed foods.

July 12 2019

What in the world. These items are awful for health-vegan/vegetarian or not! I’m disappointed you guys are supporting GMO companies like this.

Carol Lopez-Bethel
July 11 2019

These are all fast food and processed food items that I would never eat- veganor otherwise. chemical additives, cheap fats etc.

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