Asthma (Story 3)

I remember the first time I had an asthma attack. I was rushed to the hospital after swimming at the community center with my family (I have 2 brothers). I was in the pool, and I suddenly started having trouble breathing and couldn’t stop coughing. My dad is a doctor and I remember him, grabbing me out of the pool and my mom gathering my brothers as quickly as possible to get to our local hospital. They hooked me up to all these machines and gave me medicine that helped me start breathing normal again. I had never been the patient before, usually it was my brother Adam who was always being hospitalized for asthma. It was ever since that day, that I started taking medication for my asthma, my inhaler (Albuterol). I didn’t take it every day, only when needed, and as I got older, my asthma got worse. When I was in high school, they had inhaler’s at the nurse’s office for me, and in college I kept one in all my purses. It wasn’t until I became vegan that I realized I hadn’t even touched my inhaler in months. I also stopped needing to take Claritin and Flonase (other medications) for my allergies too. My acne cleared up, and I even lost 20 pounds. I didn’t mean to lose weight, nor did I ever think I was overweight, my body just became healthier overall. I was a whole new person - thanks to eating whole foods! You know what they say - you are what you eat! 

I hope by sharing this story with you, you learn something about me, who I am, and why I am a vegan today. If you're feeling brave or vulnerable, or just want to make a new friend, please leave a comment below, sharing something about yourself, so I can get to know you too!!


  • Posted by Jack on

    Hi Taryn! Love your website. Found it by accident when I googled the You are pearfect t-shirt that Steve Flynn of the Happy Pear was wearing and up came your website. I have had allergies and when they are really bad I get daily coughing which I know is asthma. I am done with all the meds that have bad side effects and am going to try eating a whole foods plant based diet like you and so many other people have done and hope that my allergies will improve or go away all together. Keep up the great website!

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