Kiran from Wolven - NEVER MET HERBIVORE

Written By Taryn Rasgon - May 22 2018


Renee broxterman
November 23 2019

I feel that you should me made aware of your employees disgustingly rude behavior & lack of customer service, which has resulted in me not becoming a customer, so you are losing your business & then she replied by mocking me!!!
I tried all last night & then this morning for a bit over 1/2 hour & it would not take my CC number, which there is nothing wrong with. I emailed in stating what happened- giving a chance for someone to reach our, apologize offer me free shipping for this cost of my time ordering. I got a reply stating we had thousands of orders – YOU much have made a mistake in entering or your card is no good.
I replied -unbelievable you had a chance to redeem your company & instead you insult me! There is nothing wrong with my cc & the 1st time it was already in the system & then I repeatedly re input so obviously it wasn’t an error with my cc. That I would be sure anyone i know doesnt ever buy from your company & nor would I.
She actually replied again with LOLZ like snoring.
Your employee was Ariana Felix (Customer concierge)
I just feel you should know your employee is driving away business & insulting people. Maybe that’s how you built your company & if so good luck with that, but i am appalled at the lack of customer service & the rudeness & terrible attitude to a potential customer, any job I have served in would have fired me for speaking to a customer that way.
Thank you for your time.

(Donna) Renee Broxterman

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