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Kiran from Wolven Threads - NEVER MET HERBIVORE

 kiran wolven threads never met herbivore

Kiran is wearing the unisex NEVER MET HERBIVORE tee in charcoal grey paired with the MIDNIGHT FLORA PANEL LEGGINGS.


WHEN did you go vegan?

I became vegetarian when I was 10 years old, and started experimenting with various forms of veganism in high school – ranging from being raw vegan to trying to eat based on Ayurvedic principles combined with being vegan when I was in yoga teacher training.

WHY are you vegan? 

In yoga, there are five “yamas” or methods of ethical living, the first of which is non-harming. In an effort to live my life in a non-harming way, to our planet and to our fellow inhabitants on it, I choose to be vegan. 

kiran from wolven threads never met herbivore

WHO or what inspired you to go vegan?

 I was inspired to go vegan because the more and more I learned about how awful the animal agriculture industry is for our planet and for the animals, the more I felt that I could not put food that comes from such an unethical process into my body. 

WHAT benefits have you experienced since going vegan?

Being vegan puts me in an all around better mood! I feel brighter and lighter.

why vegan kiran from wolven threads never met herbivore

WHERE is your favorite place to eat?

My favorite vegan spot is definitely Sage. I love their Butternut Squash Ravioli, I could honestly eat there everyday for the rest of my life.

why vegan kiran from wolven threads never met herbivore

Kiran is wearing the unisex NEVER MET HERBIVORE tee in charcoal grey paired with the MIDNIGHT FLORA PANEL LEGGINGS.

Kiran Jade is the founder and CEO of Wolven Threads. She makes athletic wear & swimwear with patterns inspired by sacred geometry found all around us in nature. Her line is sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles. She is the ultimate girl boss, and I am honored to be collaborating with her - you can now SHOP Wolven Threads on Vegetaryn!



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