Do you care about Earth?

My entire life I have heard people talk about SUVs contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Since I can really remember, I’ve heard people talking about global warming. Except the strange thing is, even though it’s always a topic of conversation, nothing ever seems to really happen in order to fix or solve this problem. People still drive there SUVs, and while some may drive electric vehicles, we as a human race continue to pollute our world everyday. The funny thing is, while most of us are concerned about our cars, or big SUVs, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, the real problem is every single time we sit down at the table. If you have 1 minute of your time today, I ask you to please watch the video below. If it interests you, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching the full documentary on Netflix, called Cowspiracy. I promise you won’t see any animals being slaughtered, this documentary is strictly about our environment & home, Earth. If you do watch, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!





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