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I went vegan back during my winter break as a Sophomore in college- December 2015. I was vegetarian for 8 years prior to that, and by the time winter break rolled around, I would say I was about 90% vegan, with cheese and desserts being the last to go. It was a smooth transition for me, and without a doubt the best decision I ever made.


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I can’t name just one person that inspired me to go vegan, because for me it was a personal decision. However, once I began walking the path of veganism, I began a short-lived vegan instagram account where I followed all of the well-known vegan influencers. Filling me feed with all the delicious vegan food posts, and all of the amazing words from the vegans I came across, allowed me to continue walking the path to living this amazing lifestyle.


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Since going vegan, I have noticed the blossom of my self-love. I struggled with Anorexia for years prior to making the decision to go vegan, and once I felt mentally healthy enough to make the lifestyle shift, I began to nourish myself fully. My eyes opened up to the relationship between what we put into our bodies, and how we see ourselves. I began fueling my body with earth’s beautiful foods, and I took note of how much this radiated onto my outer shell. My love for mySELF is one of my favorite changes about going vegan.


Amber Sosa wearing Vegetaryn Good Food Good Mood t-shirt



How could I only choose one place?? Ever since moving to LA, I was finally immersed into a vegan paradise! BUT, if I HAVE to choose one place as my “favorite” place to eat, I would definitely have to say Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. Not only is the food (guac and chips) BOMB, but it’s one of the most aesthetically-pleasing, instagrammable spots, in my opinion...who doesn’t love that? My go-to order there: OBVIOUSLY the guacamole, to begin. And as an entree, I really love their nourish bowls-- Bowl Tres is my go-to. 11/10 recommend.


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I’m vegan because I always wanted to be a part of something greater than myself, and the vegan community is that. Together, we save this planet. Together, we save the innocent animals that do not have the chance to speak up for themselves, or save themselves. I’ve REMAINED vegan because I’ve never felt better--physically, but also mentally. I know I mentioned my self-love has evolved, but that’s also due to knowing the lives of animals that I am helping. I’ve always felt love for animals, and being able to be a voice for them is something I will forever treasure.

I’m Amber, a 23-year old vegan blogger and model. I share my personal life, in hopes to inspire others in some way. Much of what I speak/write about shines a light on mental health, self-love, acceptance and chasing dreams even if they scare you. I am a believer in being vulnerable and authentic with everything I post. I absolutely love using my voice and platform to help others in some way, shining light on things not many people speak about! (Oh, and of course... I’m a huge avocado enthusiast 😜 🥑)

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