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WHEN did you go vegan?

I went vegan January 1, 2018.



WHO inspired you to go vegan?

Mother Earth inspired me! We must treat her well. And my fiancé. We made the change together. I experimented with raw vegan many years prior and was vegetarian during my yoga teacher training.



WHAT benefits have you experienced since going vegan?

I feel better inside and out. I’ve reduced my carbon footprint and impact on animals, that really fills my cup. I save money, I know what’s going into my body. I have more energy and it’s really fun to experiment in the kitchen. I love eating fruits and veggies. Since making the shift, my body craves them instead of junk. I also have a much better relationship with food. I eat the rainbow and I don’t count calories.

WHERE is your favorite place to eat?

I don’t eat out as much as I used to. Since moving towards a zero waste lifestyle we cook at home a lot. When I do, I really love SunCafe’s nachos and mac & cheese. I love that they’re organic and use sustainable practices.

    WHY are you vegan? 

    I’m vegan because I believe in ahimsa. In yoga, the first of the foundational yogic principles called Yamas is ahimsa (ah-HIM-sah) which means non-harming towards all living beings. Since becoming a yoga teacher and starting my business, Set Intentions, I decided to live in line with mindful, sustainable yogic principles. And by doing the homework to see not only the impact the meat and dairy industry has on the animals but also on the planet, I couldn’t keep knowingly doing harm. Previously, I had made lots of changes towards going green in my life and this was the biggest one I needed to make to really lessen the footprint I’ll leave on the world and to be compassionate to all beings. Plus, I now believe food is medicine! We must nourish our bodies with food rather than damage it. It’s been proven we can reverse and prevent disease with a plant-based diet.

    Katie is wearing the unisex TREAT HER WELL tee paired with the TRIANGULATE LEGGINGS.


      Katie Rotolo is the founder and yoga teacher of Set Intentions, a sustainable, mobile yoga community focused on bringing mindfulness, movement and sustainable practices to business, home & non-profit events! She also has 10+ years in the entertainment industry managing productions for films, commercials, television, and new media content, both in studio and in the field. She is the co-founder of the boutique production company, Paper Ball Pictures, whose mission is putting the environment first while telling impactful stories.


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