What’s New, Shiny, and Gets Us Talking About the Vegan Lifestyle?

If you’ve met me in person or gotten to know me over Instagram, you probably know by now that I’m always working to improve Vegetaryn to offer the best cruelty-free & fair trade products for you. I’m constantly looking for different ways to spread the vegan message and add new items to vegetaryn.com to make living the vegan lifestyle as easy as possible. With that said I have exciting news to share with you…
Jordan Krouse in Vegetaryn Plant Based Jewelry
Isn’t it exciting?! I teamed up with a jewelry company to design a few pieces, that we can all wear and feel connected to the Vegetaryn community. And not just that, it’s of course, completely inspired by plants! I partnered with a local small business to bring my designs to life so we can have one more way to get the word out about being vegan. YAY!!! You can shop our new Plant Vibez ring, dangle earrings, threader earrings, and necklace!
Jordan Krouse in Vegetaryn Plant Vibez Threaded Earring and Necklace
Did you know we already carry two other female-owned vegan jewelry brands? Beatrice Holliday up-cycles bicycle parts to make the coolest, edgiest pieces that will for sure get you some compliments. And Plant Posse makes super cute fruit + veggie earrings that are another fun way to start the vegan conversation. You can shop all of our jewelry here on vegetaryn.com!
Vegetaryn Plant Vibez Jewelry in blingsling Tangle Free Jewelry Bag
Now that you have all this new vegan bling, I recommend grabbing a blingsling® from cleverdesignsla.com to organize it and keep it from tangling. That’s right, it keeps your necklaces tangle-free! It’s owned by another Biz Babe, Jordan, who also helps behind-the-scenes on Vegetaryn. Each blingsling® is handmade in LA with vegan materials and reclaimed fabrics and a portion of each bag sold goes back to organizations empowering women, which I’m obviously all about! 
So there ya have it, a BRAND NEW Vegetaryn jewelry line PLUS a round-up of jewelry-loving female-owned brands to support. I told you I had exciting news! 
Now, I want to hear from YOU! What do you think about the new pieces? What female-owned brands are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments or feel free to email me back!

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