Dairy is Scary: Here's 5 Reasons Why

Written By Taryn Rasgon - August 29 2018


December 22 2019

It should be illegal to spew hate and untruths about an industry. You make a lot of false claims here and youre lucky no one has sued you for slander.

Karen Rubio
May 05 2019

Excellent summary. Barbara, I never thought I could give up dairy before I went vegan 7 years ago. One week in, I didn’t miss it at all. I had been experiencing severe joint pain for a few years. That pain disappeared, never to return. Now that I don’t eat dairy I can see how damaging and addictive it is. Good luck!

Barbara Kelly
April 11 2019

I have often thought about giving up dairy, actually give milk up for a while but go back to it. This time I feel more strongly about it.

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