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Want To Know Some Crazy Vegan Facts? We got you! - Fact or Fiction Week 5

The ultimate weekly test: fact or fiction? Check out these 5 fact/fictions below and see if you can get them all right! (click on any image for more info):


Fact or Fiction?: 150,000,000 animals are killed every year for meat consumption.


Fiction: Add 3 zeros to that number. 150 billion animals are killed annually for meat consumption in the world. Even if you're vegetarian, baby chicks and baby calves are harmed and killed as a result of the dairy and egg industry. 


Fact or Fiction?: Veganism is protected as a human right in Europe.


Fact: Veganism is protected under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights. "Veganism" is an anagram of "saving me".


Fact or Fiction?: The first US vegan cook book was published in 1874.


Fact: Veganism has existed for longer than people think! The book is entitled The Hygeian Home Cook Book or Healthful and Palatable Food Without Condiments and was published in the USA in 1874 by Russell Thacher Trall, MD, a founding member of the American Vegetarian Society.


Fact or Fiction?: Vegans and vegetarians are the only groups of people who average a normal and healthy BMI.


Fiction: Vegans are the only group of people who average a normal and healthy BMI - the more animal products people eat, the higher their BMI.


Fact or Fiction?: Slaughterhouse work has been linked to psychological disorders such as PTSD.


Fact: Slaughterhouse work has been linked to disorders such as PTSD, as well as an increase in crime rates and domestic abuse.

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