Recipe: Easy Homemade Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal (and the most important) but I always find myself rushing around in the morning without having enough time to fix myself a decent meal to start my day. Luckily, I've recently started making these super easy, quick, and DELICIOUS breakfast sandwiches so I wanted to share this awesome recipe with you guys!





  1. Follow heating instructions on the box to prepare Gardein breakfast patty (I bake it in the toaster oven until it bubbles)
  2. Split muffin in half and toast
  3. Melt a slice of cheese on one half of the muffin
  4. Spread a healthy helping of chipotle vegan mayo on the non-cheesy side of the muffin
  5. Compile sandwich with muffin, breakfast patty, sliced tomato, spinach, and sliced avocado
  6. Eat and enjoy your new favorite breakfast sammy! (and then post a picture on Instagram and tag @vegetaryn so I can see pictures of your delicious sandwiches!)




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