Weekly Dose of Vegan Facts: Fact or Fiction - Week 4

Here is your weekly dose of vegan fun facts! Can you get these 4 Fact or Fiction's right? Check them out below (click on any image for more info):


Fact or Fiction?: Veganism has grown 200% since 2014 in the US.


Fiction: Veganism has grown 500% since 2014 in the US. It's estimated that 6% of Americans identify as vegan - up from only 1% in 2014.


Fact or Fiction?: Research reveals that if a man avoids vegetables, it improves the sex appeal of his body odor.


Fiction: Research reveals that if a man avoids red meats, it improves the sex appeal of his body odor.


Fact or Fiction?: The world's fish stocks, driven by the industrial fishing industry, are set to collapse as soon as 2048.


Fact: On top of that, ineffective fishing practices lead to a total of 10 million tons of captured dead or dying fish being thrown back into the ocean each year.


Fact or Fiction?: Vegans tend to have lower rates of cancer than meat-eaters and vegetarians.


Fact: Vegan women had 34% lower rates of female-specific cancers like breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer. Similar results were found in men for prostate cancer.

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